5 of the Funniest Slot Game Themes

Nowadays, slots can be themed any which way that takes a developers fancy. There are plenty of slots based around the Aztecs or the Vikings and countless baring the enigmatic face of Cleopatra. However, every now and then, you’ll encounter a slot game which makes you think, “Wait… what was that?!”

Here are 5 of those games; slots we feel have the most unique and funniest themes we have ever seen!


“Let’s have a chicken factory… but we’ll make them robot chickens!”

This is what we imagine the brainstorming session at NetEnt was like when they came up with this fun slot. From the opening cinematic to the amazing special features, this is one ridiculous but thoroughly enjoyable game. The free spins and the Wild mechanics make this game all the more fun to play. You need to check it out.

Above: The cinematic introduction to EggOmatic, shown in play at Slot Games, a popular pay by mobile slots brand. [Continue reading]

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