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Five reasons why chemistry is brightening up your summer

Chemistry, though you might not realise it, has a key role in our vacation, and can make our summer brighter!

Now then, let´s see:

1. The Chemistry of the Swimming Pool – Chlorine

There are several chemical processes associated with  swimming pools, but the most important and well known one is  disinfection with chlorine.

With chlorine, viruses, bacteria and fungi  such as athlete’s foot, as well as ear and skin infections are eliminated in less than 30 seconds.

2. The Chemistry of Sunscreen – Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide 

Protecting your skin is very important to avoid later problems as sunburn or skin cancer, but do you know how exactly the sunscreen works?

It´s all about chemistry!

Sunscreen combines organic and inorganic chemicals that protect your skin from UV light and prevent sunlight reaching  the deeper layers of your skin:

3. The Chemistry of Sunglasses – Photochromic

In case you didn´t know, there’s  a lot of chemistry in your sunglasses, from the lens to the frames. I just read an article on The Chemical blog, where they explain that today the majority of eyewear manufacturers use indenonaphthopyrans in their plastic photochromic lenses.

The goal is to block the UV light: “when exposed to UV light, a chemical bond is broken. The new molecule has to re-arrange itself to become stable again, and in the process, starts absorbing at longer wavelengths causing the lens to get darker”.

4. The Chemistry of Summer Festivals – Solar cells, green transportation, innovative recycling  processes

Last year (OMG time flies) I wrote a blog post on how chemistry is helping Summer Festivals go green. Using renewable energy, green transportation and waste management especially, Chemistry is bringing new solutions to their organisers. Festival-goers now have more fun,  with fewer  CO2 emissions.

5. The Chemistry of Beer – Isohumulone

Beer is the world’s third most popular beverage, but do you know the science involved in producing this drink?

During summer time this is one of the most consumed drinks, but I´m sure you never thought about the chemical process needed to produce beer.

It all starts with malted barley, hops, water, yeast… and chemistry does  the rest!

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