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Transformers – How Real Are They?

By now, everyone has seen the first Transformers movie. How many of you have seen Transformers 2? Probably a lot of you, and there is probably one question that is plaguing your mind… is there any truth to this? Will there ever be real Transformers? Is there any way that the future might hold a lot of promise for mechanical warriors that can run completely on their own without the help of humans? And then, there is one of the biggest questions – could these machines possibly dominate the earth, becoming smarter and more powerful than the humans who created them? This notion perhaps seems far-fetched to some, but in actuality, farfetched is a harsh term to use… unlikely-right-now is a better way to say that yes, this is indeed a possibility.


Take for example how far mechanics have come. There are robots out there that would amaze you. Robotics is an exciting new science that is seeing more and more breakthroughs every single day. More and more brilliant scientists are dedicating their lives to the discovery, the dream, and the realization of robotic technology.
But what about the artificial intelligence? Right now, artificial Intelligence can think to a point… for example, there are chess machines that cannot be defeated…. But, how far will it go? Could there every be computers that can outthink humans? Well, if you think of the battlefield as a huge chess board, than it might not be as far off as we think. So, robots could indeed know what it takes to win a battle in the future.
But maybe the bigger question is one of common sense… would humans ever create something that could turn on them and defeat them in the battlefield? Will these war-making machines of the future have the ability to decide which side they are on? Possibly choosing the side of their robotic-family over us?

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