Transformers – How Real Are They?

By now, everyone has seen the first Transformers movie. How many of you have seen Transformers 2? Probably a lot of you, and there is probably one question that is plaguing your mind… is there any truth to this? Will there ever be real Transformers? Is there any way that the future might hold a lot of promise for mechanical warriors that can run completely on their own without the help of humans? And then, there is one of the biggest questions – could these machines possibly dominate the earth, becoming smarter and more powerful than the humans who created them? This notion perhaps seems far-fetched to some, but in actuality, farfetched is a harsh term to use… unlikely-right-now is a better way to say that yes, this is indeed a possibility.



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How to make a turban

How to make a turban is a question that a lot of people seem to be asking. Well, actually, it isn’t really that hard. Turbans are popular for a lot of reasons, but it can seem a bit daunting to try making one. However, with some good instructions and a little practice, you will be making turbans at a master level! So, what do you need to make a nice turban? Well, to start with, you are going to need a thin cloth that is 45 inches wide by 3 yards long.

To start making your turban, fold your cloth lengthwise and then drape it over your head. It should be of equal length on both sides. Now, hold the cloth close to your head and twist it. You will twist the cloth just below your ear lobe, and this will form a sort of cap over your head. You will then take the two sides of the cloth and bring them to the back of your head. You will cross them over one another, and will then bring them back over your ears to the front again. Once you have done this, cross again and bring them to the back. When you have used all the cloth, you will then tie what remains in the back or the front, wherever it lands, and tuck it under your hat for a snug fit.

And you have now successfully made your first turban! Making a turban isn’t quite as hard as it is fun, and they look cool to boot! Another reason that turbans are so popular is because they keep your head cool in hot weather, making them ideal for sunny warm condition. So, now that you know how to make a turban, all that remains is the practice, and presto! You will be a professional turban maker in no-time!


An Easy Rubiks Cube

Are you tired trying to solve the real Rubik´s cube? There is a new “easier” version available for you to practice on.


This new easier 3 x 3 x 1 cube is called for “Floppy Cube.” It looks easy enough, don´t you thinks so?


In addition to the 1-layer cube above, there is also a 2-layer version, which is easier to solve than the original but harder than the 1-layer cube.


So, start with 1-layer cube and get the hang of how this works. When you can solve 1-layer cube in your sleep than work on 2-layer cube. The original 3-layer cube will take some time to solve but don´t give up – cuz I did :).

Cool Domino Effect

Too much of free time, almost 9000 dominos, your imagination and you will have a ghost on your hands 🙂 So, who u gonna call? GHOST BUSTERS 🙂

How to do a backflip

How to do a backflip is a question that few find the answer to, either out of fear or procrastination. This is one of those skills that everybody would like to know, but that only a very small percentage actually learn. The thing to remember about a backflip is that it is not a natural body motion. It feels dangerous, and makes the head and body feel vulnerable and is generally scary to do the first few times. Never attempt to do a backflip without the proper training and supervision. And never, ever, attempt one alone. It is way too dangerous. [Read more…]