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How to do a backflip

How to do a backflip is a question that few find the answer to, either out of fear or procrastination. This is one of those skills that everybody would like to know, but that only a very small percentage actually learn. The thing to remember about a backflip is that it is not a natural body motion. It feels dangerous, and makes the head and body feel vulnerable and is generally scary to do the first few times. Never attempt to do a backflip without the proper training and supervision. And never, ever, attempt one alone. It is way too dangerous.

You start with one foot out in front of you. Then, you will step together and swing your arm. You will then tuck down, like you are sitting in a chair. Then, you need to jump backwards. When your feet leave the air, you need to tuck your legs into your chest. Also, never look down. Try to keep your eyes and head at about the same level all the way through the jump. When you land it, try to land safely on your feet.  Also, bend your knees as you land, as this will absorb impact.

Remember that fear is your greatest roadblock when it comes to backflips. Always try to give it your best, and to overcome your fear by watching and practicing under close supervision. You might also want to try it on a diving board at the pool before attempting it on hard ground.  Also, it helps to know how to do forward rolls, backwards rolls, handstands, round-offs, cartwheels, back and front walkovers, and back handsprings before attempting a backflip, as these help you prepare for one physically and mentally. The skills you learn to do these moves are all necessary for a backflip.

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