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It is a crazy, crazy world

Have you ever read a fact that was so totally bizarre that it made your day? They are out there, and they are funny! Well, here are some outrageously incredible facts that you might not have ever heard before. So, enjoy, and don’t laugh too hard!…

Did you know that King Charles VI of France was nicknamed Charles the Mad? Yes, and it was because he suffered from a delusion in which he was made from glass. Yes, he believed he was made from glass. In fact, he had iron bars sewn into his actual clothing to prevent his glass person from “shattering”.

Did you know that the life expectancy of the average NHL hockey puck is an entire seven minutes?

Did you know that the very first variety of ketchup was not made with tomatoes, but rather with mushrooms?

Did you know that the meaning of life was auctioned off on eBay? Yes, it happened on February 8, 2000, and the winning bid was $3.26!

As an average, did you know that women manage out about 7,000 words per day? Men come in a distant second, at around 2,000 words per day!

Did you know that tigers actually have striped skin beneath their fur? Yes, it is true. Zebras, however, do not.

Did you know that a potato has more chromosomes than a human? Yes, potatoes boast 48 chromosomes, while humans have only 46.

It is said that Albert Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel in the year 1952, but that he graciously declined.

Banging your head against a wall, while not a smart thing to do, does indeed burn 150 calories per hour!

The quack of a duck does not echo… and the weirdest thing about it is that nobody knows why!

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