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Top 5 Facebook Games

Anyone who has a Facebook account and likes games is bound to have played some of the Facebook games. There are a growing number and some of them are really addictive. Because you often lay against your Facebook friend,s it can become very competitive.

Frontierville is a fairly new Facebook game by Zynga, It involves you having some land and setting up your own homestead. You have to complete tasks and this will allow you to build, get family, grow crops and things like that. The fact that there are tasks to complete makes it fun because you want to keep playing so that you can get all the tasks done. Some tasks are timed as well, so you have to play it often to get those completed. Your friends are listed and you will see their scores in the game and can visit their homesteads which can be fun and encourage competitiveness.

Farmville is another Zynga game where you need to keep a farm by having animals and crops as well as buildings. It seems to be one of the most popular games on the website and many people play. This is a good thing as you need lots of neighbours (who can only be your friends) in order to do well in the game. You can visit your neighbors and see how well they are doing, which encourages you to play to see if you can do better than them. The game is continuously being updated with new animals, buildings and decorations meaning that it keeps being fun to play.

Cityville is a new Zynga game as well. This relies on you building shops, community buildings and houses in a city. There are tasks to work through which guide you to building new things in the game and makes it fun as you want to keep playing to work through the tasks and progress. You can visit your neighbours and see whether you can accumulate more points than them to be the best. It can be slow as you need a lot of money, friends and buildings to complete the tasks and expand the city but it is fun. It does tend to be less reliable than their other games in that it crashes more often and sometimes it doesn’t run properly.
Café World

In café world you are running your own café and you need to set up the tables and cook the meals to keep the customers happy and paying. You build up your money and expand the café, get more staff and cook more. They have recently introduced a number of tasks to complete which can make the game more fun. They do add new meals, decorations and things quite often, which again helps to keep it fun.
Bejeweled Blitz

This is a classic game where you need to click gems together. You swap them around to get groups of three or more which then disappear form the board and give you points. There are many versions of this game around. This one is fun because you only get one minute to play so it is a great game just to have a quick go at when you need a rest from work or whatever. There is a scoreboard where you see your friends scores and each week it is reset so you need to keep going back to try to get to the top.

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