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Top 5 Theme Parks

There are many different theme parks scattered across the world, but there are a selection of them which stand out above the rest.


Everyone seems to have heard of Disney land and Disneyworld. The two theme parks in America are places which many small children desire to visit. They are probably a little more focused towards girls than boys, but anyone who likes Disney will be carried away with the magic and fun. There is a regular parade, themed hotels, gift shops and rides for all ages. The new EuroDisney has not been quite so popular as the US parks, but it stills draws crowds and is likely to increase its visitors as it develops and grows.

Lego is a children’s toy which everyone has heard of. There are several Legoland theme parks in various European countries and they have rides and exhibitions built out of the famous Lego bricks. It may be that these are slightly more appealing to boys than girls because the toys tend to be more focused towards boys, but everyone will be enchanted by the amazing models to see even if they are not interested in going on all of the rides. It is a mixture of exhibits and rides and there are a number of gift shops.

Dollywood is  theme park which is partly owned by country singer Dolly Parton. It is based in Tennessee and has a mix of the thrilling rides that you would expect from a traditional theme park with traditional music from the area. It often has concerts and musical events including appearances by Dolly Parton herself as well as members of her family. Dolly Parton is looking to expand the park in the future and even have Dollywood theme parks in other parts of the country.
Universal Studios

Universal Studios is a movie studio in Hollywood. There were always tours of the studios available for visitors to do but the tour grew with more ambitious attractions and eventually became a separate part of the studios. There are a series of rides as well as film sets to look at. There are also a number of shows that can be watched and there are many gift shops, quite a few which are themed to match that area of the park. The park is regularly updated when new successful films are made.
Luna Park

This is an amusement park in Melbourne, Australia which has been open since 1912. Later there was one built in Sydney, Australia as well. The park has some interesting historic rides with The Scenic Railway which was built when the park was opened and is the oldest continuously operating roller coaster in the world. It even has a brakes man standing in the middle of the train.  It also has a selection of modern rides as well and so it is interesting both form a historical point of view as well as for fun. The Melbourne park is more popular than the Sydney one, because of its interesting history and its roller coaster, as Sydney does not have one.

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