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Top 5 Party Games

As children we all remember going to or having parties. These days some of those old classic party games still get played at children’s parties. Every child has their favourite and here is our top 5.
Pass the Parcel

This game is an old time classic. The children sit in a circle and when the music stops they take off a layer of wrapping paper. The parcel keeps being passed around until the last layer is taken off and the prize is won. There are slight variations in the game. These days parents tend to put a gift in every layer of paper so that the children all get some sort of prize and also fix the music so that each child gets a chance to win something. However, as the children get older, this can be replaced with a forfeit and this certainly encourages the children to pass the parcel along more quickly. It is even possible to make a grown up version of this game if you want to.
Pin the Tail on the Donkey

This game is where there is a picture of a donkey and a series of tails. Each child is blindfolded in turn, spun around and then asked to place the tail where they think it should go. The one nearest to the correct place will win a prize. This game can now be printed off the Internet or bought form shops. If you are artistic you can easily draw it yourself and use a different coloured piece of ribbon for the tails. You can also use any animal, you do not have to stick to a donkey, as long as it is something which has a tail.
Sleeping Lions

This is a great game if the party is getting too hectic. In sleeping lions the children have to lie down as still as they can. As they move they get disqualified and the one who sleeps the best, gets the prize. It is a good idea to get the children to lie down for a good few minutes before you start disqualifying them as it gives them all a good chance to calm down. If it is close, then sometimes people choose to tickle the children to find the one to eliminate.

Musical Statues

This is a great game for children who like to dance. Great for all young children and perhaps more for older girls. The music plays and everyone has to dance. When the music stops everyone has to freeze like a statue. The first person to move gets eliminated and the music starts again. The person left at the end is the one who wins. If it is close and several people are really good at standing still then telling them jokes, to try to make them laugh, could be a good way to eliminate more.
Spin the Bottle
The original spin the bottle consists of a girl spinning a bottle and she has to kiss whoever it is pointing to. However, the game can be changes so you can use the bottle to point at someone who has to state a truth or dare. You can also use it for answering questions and things like that. There is even an electronic board game version of this, if you would rather not use a glass bottle.

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