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7 More Wacky Shoes You Have to See

It’s all about the shoes when it comes to fashion. Even though we like to look at other areas of the body first when it comes to all things glamorous, it usually ends up going right back to the shoes. It’s something strange, considering your parents most likely told you to look at a person’s face when you’re speaking to them. However, in real time, people usually care more about the shoes on your feet than anything else. Some guides on dating for women indicate that you can tell a lot about a man by the type of shoes that he wears. Guide son dating for men talk endlessly about getting the best shoes.
However, we would be hard pressed to say that these are anywhere close to being the best shoes. If you’re really hoping to get something amazing for your time, then you will need to make sure that you get the right shoes. Yet that’s not what this little listing is about.
No, we’re not here to give shoe advice — we’re here to make fun of shoes. And that’s what you’re here for too. So without further explanation, here is the listing of 7 MORE wacky shoes that we just had to share with you!
1. Shoes Like Claws!

We can’t really see the appeal of this shoe — after all, aren’t shoes suppose dot provide protection for your feet? Oh sure, these shoes look like they’ll have you being the center of attention at a party, but that’s not for any good reason. You’ll be the center of attention at the party when you’re hopping around in pain because you stepped on a screw. No claw in the world is going to save you from feeling the pain of that screw. Maybe that’s what you meant when you said you were looking for a good screwing, but we really don’t think you meant that type of screwing!
OK, if we really tried to pick one thing that we liked about the shoe, we would have to say that we like the way the laces go all the way up the leg. If we could actually walk in them, we might even find them cute. Still, this shoe is way too strange for us to take it seriously.
2. High Chair Heels??

You know, we often hear that fashion is painful, but this really takes the cake. If you look really close at this shoe, you’ll notice that you’re raised up almost completely vertically. That means that walking is going to be severely painful. Is that worth it for “fashion’s” sake? Not really — not to us.
Again, if we really had to step back and pick something that we liked, it would have to be the metallic theme on the hoses. We’re suckers for all things metal — but we were thinking metal like buckles and bows — not the high chair motif. We’re just keeping it real.
3. Get Corkscrew With It!

This is one ugly shoe. From the top, it makes us think about the shingles on a roof. If you want to walk around with roof-looking shoes, please — be our guest. However, just when you think to yourself that you might be able to wear these in a dark nightclub or something like that, you run into the other problem — the ginormous corkscrew on the bottom of the shoe! This is absolutely ridiculous and makes the wearer just look silly.
It looks like it would be horrendous to walk from place to place. We’re all for looking your best, but we’d have to look at someone that really thought this was the new style that they want to emulate. Honestly, if fashion gets this crazy, then we are definitely opting out. Do you hear us opting out? OK, good.
4. Uh, Since When Is Cardboard Considered a Material For Shoes?

Usually the only time that you see cardboard shoes is with homeless people, and it’s supposed to be something that strikes a thread of sympathy and sadness in all of us. That’s not what this is about.
It’s a shoe that’s completely useless, and downright wacky. As you can see by the designer logo, this is a shoe that’s been designed on purpose out of cardboard. We can’t believe that any designer would realistically think that anyone would buy this. This would be a good shoe…if you lived in Arizona. 300 days of sunshine, baby!
However, if you lived in Seattle, this shoe would be worthless in about… 2 days. That’s if you’re lucky.
5. A Shoe For Gamer Girls?

This is a pretty neat shoe, mainly because you can pop out both of the Gameboys and even play them. They look like the old school game boys colors, but we’ll let that pass. Those bad boys are vintage now anyway.
We have to think that this is for gamer girls, because they could pop out one Gameboy and then offer the other to a really geeky guy that would appreciate it. What a way to break the ice on a first date. There would be something to talk about, which is always a good thing. When you’re really trying to get things done, there’s no reason why you can’t make sure that you have a little advantage in the situation, right?
Even if you’re not into the dating scene, you shouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people start talking to you because of these awesome shoes!
6. Vroom Vroom, It’s Hot Wheels Time!

Man, we went from shoes that even gamer girls might like, all the way up to crazy Hot Wheels looking shoes that we’re not sure if anyone over the age of 4 would actually wear. C’mon, you know what we mean — when you’re a kid, shoes like this are pretty cool. However, when you grow up…things get a little different.
We do have to admit that we’re kind of suckers for red. It’s one of our favorite colors, but we’ll still have to pass on this shoe.
7. PETA Will Hate You If You Wear This Shoe

Now, you know if you walk down the street in these that PETA is coming to get you, right? You’re going to have a lot of attention paid to you if you wear these shoes. Again, just like with the Claw Shoe, we’re not really sure if it’s the type of attention that you really want. It’s up to you, though — we’re not here to judge…much.
These shoes might not appeal to you, but you have to admit that they’re pretty wacky! Tell us — which one is your favorite shoe? Which one did you really like and which one did you really wish never existed at all?
No matter how you felt, we always invite you to sound off in the comments — hey, that’s just how we roll!

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