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Woman Paralysed by love Bite

A New Zealand woman has been left paralysed after receiving a love bite.
The woman rushed to hospital after she could not move her left arm. She was obviously worried and had no idea what could have caused it to happen, especially as she was only 44 years old and so not prone to this type of thing going on. After examining her thoroughly the doctors noticed the mark on her neck left behind after a love bite. She explained that it had happened a few days before when she was with her lover.
The doctors explained that the bite was so deep that it had actually bruised her artery in her neck. A bruise is a blood clot under the skin and so having one in the artery proved to be extremely dangerous. The artery travelled to the brain and caused her to have a stroke. A stroke is where there is a lack of blood supply to a part of the brain due to a blood clot. This can cause all sorts of injuries and they can vary in seriousness. This was the cause of the paralysis in her arm.
Many people do recover fully from a stroke and so it is possible that she may recover feeling in her arm.
A doctor from the hospital, Teddy Wu, explained that they had never seen anything like this before. He said that staff at the hospital searched through medical literature to find out whether there were any other reports of this happening and they could find nothing at all. It seems that this case is a one of a kind, which is good news for all of the amorous lovers out there, no need to panic too much about love bites, but try to keep them gentle and away from the main artery in the neck.

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