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Widow Wants her Corpses Back

Jean Stevens has been in the news in the past. She was living with the embalmed corpses of her husband and sister until authorities found out and removed them from her house. But she is now back in the news because she may be able to get them back.
She was told that they had to be in an above ground mausoleum and so she is now having one built outside her house so that she can be reunited with her dead husband of 60 years and her twin sister. She is very excited about the prospect, explain that she thinks about them all the time and worries about them being in the cold box with the coroner, where they are currently being stored.
When her husband died in 19999 and her sister in 2009 she has their bodies dug up shortly after being buried so that she could be close to them. She explained that she needed to be able to touch them and talk to them. Her husband was kept on a couch in the garage and her sister in a spare room.
She gets many letters form people, most of them expressing sympathy and some of them she even writes back to. She has some pen pals now and has even made friends with the Coroner, Tom Carman. He explains that she is a lovely lady and they have had many conversations. He went on to say that she plans on having the bodies in bags with see through panels over the faces so she can still see them. She is also considering having mother bodies put in the mausoleum, which is big enough for eight. She would like her mother and father there but will make sure that there is a space for herself as well.

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