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TV Show Hosted by Russian Spy

Anna Chapman is a Russian spy and has recently made her television debut.
The show is on a Russian TV channel and is called ‘Mysteries of the World with Anna Chapman’. It was expected to reveal some CIA secrets but the first program took a rather different angle. She was reporting about a story from Dagestan where she described a baby who had some unusual skin marks which were said to look like Koranic verses.
Anna Chapman is only 28 years old and with her striking good looks became famous when you was expelled from USA. Although she has never talked about her role as a spy publicly, she did have a senior post in a youth part of the ruling Russia party and then a consultancy post for a bank.
When returning to Russia she had an image in the US media as a femme fatale and so she took advantage of this and posed for a men’s magazine.

Obviously Anna Chapman can no longer keep her job as a spy and so she has used her fame to get her in to the media. It is a clever move and from the attention that her show, on the Ren TV channel is getting, it seems like she will stay in the spotlight .
The ‘miracle child’ that she was reporting about was being hidden by its parents, despite the fact that people were flocking to the area to see it. It seems that the skin marking appear and disappear every few days. Ms Chapman did not actually meet the child but reported on the story from a mosque in Moscow, where she had her hair covered with a white headscarf.
It seems that the show will reveal mysteries but then as she reported in the current show that she only thought she understood what was going on, maybe it will not so much explain things but just present them.

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