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JFK on Twitter!

There isĀ  John F Kennedy Presidential Library in Massachusetts and they have just set up a twitter account to chronicle JFK’s term in office.
The twitter account is called @Kennedy1961 and has information about what the president did and said. It has links to pictures and videos as well. The site already has almost 10,000 followers having been set up for less than a week. There are already over 1,000 tweets on there, all just a few sentences of information explaining his movements and things that he has said at that time. For example at 9.04am on 21st January he remarked on the swearing-in ceremony for the cabinet members and on twitter there is a link to that specific audio.
It is linked in with the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s inauguration and therefore events are reported as they happened but 50 years ago.

The JFK Library spokesman, who was the director of communications, Rachel day, explained that they felt it was a great way of communicating what had happened at the time. There are both posts in his own words as well as explanation of the things that he was doing.
The library has recently digitised all of the information that it has. This includes every piece of paper, audio and video artefact and this is yet another way of getting information in the technological world.
It is a great way of the Library bringing information about John F Kennedy to the attention of the younger generation, who may be less likely to read books and look at paper artefacts and perhaps the sort of material that the library would hold.
John F Kennedy is probably one of America’s most famous presidents due to the fact that he was assassinated just after his 1000th day in office, while he was in Dallas.

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