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Top 5 Sandwiches

We all have our favourite sandwich combinations, but it is not just own to the actual filling but the type of bread and what it is served with as well. Each of these uses a different types of bread with a different filling, but they are all delicious. See if you agree with this top five.
Cheese and Chutney

There is nothing more British than a cheese and chutney sandwich, but there are ways of making it which can really set it above the rest. Firstly you want a fresh white farmhouse loaf and cut two thick slices. Spread both with fresh, salted butter and then use a mature cheddar cheese, cut in thick slices. The chutney should be a slightly tangy but sweet one, such as tomato chutney and spread thickly on one slice of bread. It is best served with tomatoes and celery.
Bacon Roll

The bacon roll can be the ultimate breakfast sandwich for many people. The bacon is best if it is cooked until it is thin and crisp and then served in the buttered, soft, white roll with tomato ketchup or brown sauce. A crunchy roll can be preferable for some people but they do make eating it very much harder and something like a soft bap does seem to contrast nicely with the crisp bacon. It is best to use a good quality bacon so it has a lot of taste and not much water in it. A smoked bacon will give more flavour. This just needs to be served with a big mug of tea.
Homous and Falafel Pitta

Falafels are lovely balls made from squashed chick peas and spices and come from Morrocco. They are easily cooked under a grill until golden brown. Warm the pitta slightly and then open it up and spread it with houmous. Slice the falafels in half and place in the pitta with some thinly sliced, crispy iceberg lettuce. This is great served with some cucumber and carrot sticks.
Chicken and Vegetable Wrap

You will need a soft white tortilla which is slightly warm. Then stir fry some thinly sliced onion, chicken and peppers until cooked through and browned and then serve in the wrap with some guacamole or slices of ripe avocado. You can also add thinly sliced lettuce, mayonnaise, grated cheese and sour cream if you want to make it calorie laden but delicious! With so much going on inside the sandwich, it does not normally need to be served with anything else.
Roasted Vegetable and Mozarella Panini

Use a panini roll or ciabatta bread. Cube onion, red pepper and courgette in equal proportions and add in some cloves of garlic. Drizzle over some olive oil and roast until soft. Then make up the sandwich by putting in a layer of sun-dried tomato paste covered with some vegetables and then topped with some slices of mozzarella cheese, Toast until golden brown using a panini press if possible. This is great served with a green salad.

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