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Comic Book Heroes

There are many great characters that have come from comic books. Some stay in the comic books and others are transformed by television in to animated series, films or both. These are a few characters that have not only made it from comic to the TV screen but also have stood the test of time.

Superman is the ultimate superhero in that he can do many great things. He was sent down to earth from the planet Krypton and looked after by farmers in a small town called Smallville.  He has fantastic strength, can fly, has laser eyes and is very clever. He almost has every power that any person would ideally want to have. His alter ego is Clark Kent who works for a newspaper in Metropolis called The Daily Planet. He works with Lois Lane, who he really likes but she is in love with Superman and has no idea that Clark is Superman. There have been a series of successful films as well as television series in cartoon and real life. The story has been slightly updated as the years have gone on but the basic characteristics have not changed and therefore makes Superman a real great contender in the category.
Dick Tracy

Detective Dick Tracy fought mob bosses. He got engaged to Tess Truhart in the first comic strip story but never had time to marry her. After two decades she eventually married someone else but when she realised he was only after her for money she divorced him and returned to Dick. They had two children and they reached their fiftieth anniversary. Over the years of crime fighting he became well known and often used the latest technology to defeat his enemies. He was even used to help conquer alien forces. There was a film made of the cartoon series, starring Warren Beaty.

Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider when he was a teenager. This gave him spider like powers and he used them to become an entertainer. However, one evening when returning he saw a burglar but thought nothing of using his powers to stop him. When he got home he found that the burglar had been at the house he shared with his Uncle and Aunt and had in fact killed his Uncle. He then decided to go after the burglar and after defeating him, decided to use his powers to overcome evil. His skills include being fast and having good eyesight. He also has something strapped to his wrist which can shoot out web, useful for catching enemies or staying on buildings.

The Incredible Hulk

Dr Robert Bruce Banner was a brilliant scientist and was exposed to gamma rays one day. He had been brought up by a scientist and it was suspected that his body was genetically modified an so when these rays hit him, he was transformed. His body transforms from a puny man to a strong figure who was often angry. The character developed over time but basically as he got angry, he got stronger and changed to a monster. There have been several films as well an animated one. The Hulk also appeared in an episode of the X-Men : The Animated Series and in Super Hero Squad Show. He also appears in games.

Bruce Wayne watches his parents being murdered and decides that he wants to stop crime in Gotham City. He trains himself physically and mentally for the job using the fortune that he has inherited. He is unique among super heroes because he has no super powers but everything he does is due to his own education. He later gets a sidekick called Robin and fights many enemies including the Joker. The comic strip became an animated television series and there were a series of films as well as a real life television series too. There are also a selection of video games based around the character.

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