How to Get a Job

Getting a job nowadays is not easy. It doesn´t matter how good your resume is and how hard you work on sending those job applications out – you simply can´t catch a break.

Well, here is what a Swedish guy, Linus Billqvist, did and it worked!

Linus Billqvist is 21 years old. He got tired on being unemployed and decided to do something different in his efforts to get a job. He bought a signboard – wrote with big black letters – “”Jag är jävligt trött på att vara arbetslös!” (Swedish) – which means something like: ” I am damn tired of being unemployed! ” – Went to a train station and held the sign up as people walked by and he got a job!

I am damn tired of being unemployed

I am damn tired of being unemployed

He got the idea from a man who wrote on the signboard that he cheated on his wife in order for her to forgive him. So, one day he bought a signboard and wrote: “I am damn tired of being unemployed! I can work a cash register; Yard Work; Will learn other jobs. Do you have a job for me? Linus – and his mobile phone number.

He was planning to stand at the train station few hours each day for a week but he didn´t need to do that. It only took him 2, 5 hours to get a job!

A woman from Hilton Hotels called him and gave him a job.

So, what do you think…would this work in your town? You got nothing to lose, right?

Job description – Living with wild wolves

Is your job boring? How would you like to live on the edge for few days and get paid for it?

Qinling Wildlife Park in China is looking for 3 people who will live three full days among the wild wolves in the treehouse 3m (10ft) above the ground. Each one of them will have to write 300-word articles, take eight pictures, film two video clips per day and answer questions from the public online.

Salary for this 3-day job is $740 and there are already more than 600 people who have applied for this job.

Who said that there are no exiting jobs out there? 🙂


How to Make a Resume

Every year, many universities and colleges produce thousands of graduates. Definitely, all of these graduates will look for graduate jobs and establish a career that exceeds life’s expectations.

What is the first step in starting your own career? Of course, you have to apply for a job, and the first thing you have to do is make a resume that employers will be interested in. Hundreds of applicants will wait in line for only one position, and employers will not spend precious hours reading all the resumes of applicants. So how can you be one of the chosen few? This article will somehow give you some idea on how to make a concise resume that employers will surely be interested in. [Read more…]