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How to Make a Resume

Every year, many universities and colleges produce thousands of graduates. Definitely, all of these graduates will look for graduate jobs and establish a career that exceeds life’s expectations.
What is the first step in starting your own career? Of course, you have to apply for a job, and the first thing you have to do is make a resume that employers will be interested in. Hundreds of applicants will wait in line for only one position, and employers will not spend precious hours reading all the resumes of applicants. So how can you be one of the chosen few? This article will somehow give you some idea on how to make a concise resume that employers will surely be interested in.
Make a Lasting Impression When You Make your Resume
When making a resume, you should always put your best foot forward. Make sure that the presentation of your resume should be clean and free from clutters. Resumes should always be readable. It’s better if you present your resume in bullet form and don’t make it too lengthy, at least two pages in length. If ever you exceed two pages, this would imply that you created a very wordy resume that will cause the employer to be uninterested to your resume. Always bear in mind that you are applying for a particular position, so related information for the position should be included in your resume. It should be achievement oriented.
The important points you must place in your resume are the most recent career experiences or your most recent achievement.
In this manner, the employer will be drawn to your resume.
The Layout
What is the best layout for your resume? It should be summarized for the main reason that the employer should not have a hard time reading your resume. You should start with your profile, major achievements, experience/career history, education/qualification, and other skills that will boost your impression with your employer. After you have decided on what to include in your resume, make sure that you attached or scanned a picture on the right upper corner of your paper with your personal details (name, address, email address, and contact number) on the top of the paper. Be sure that your resume is grammatically correct and typographical error free. Use a clean white bond paper, short size or A4 size. Don’t forget to send your cover letter with your resume. Cover letters are always one way to attract your employer.
By doing this steps in making your resume.You will be one step closer in attaining your goal to be on the top of your chosen career.

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