5 Hollywood Hairstyles Gone Bad – Really, Really Bad

Hollywood isn’t called Hollyweird just for laughs — it really is home to a lot of weird characters that have nothing else to do but actually be weird. The truth is that for every Hollywood star that knows that they have to look and dress the part, there’s a few that really seem to like walking on the wild side. The very wild side.

Don’t believe us? Here are 5 Hollywood hairstyles gone bad — really, really bad, if you ask us. To be fair, we tried to include some men in this discussion, even though a lot of lists of hairstyles are all-female. Just one small step for equality, you know!

1. Bobby Trendy

OK, let’s start with a man this time, so that no one really thinks that all we do is pick on women. Bobby Trendy is a celebrity interior decorator who prides himself on being as flamboyant as possible. This picture makes him look like a drunken pirate collecting tickets to a party that after some thinking, you really don’t want to attend. Do you? That’s what we thought too.

2. Lady Gaga

We also had to get the most obvious example of crazy Hollywood hair out of the way. Lady Gaga prides herself on being weird, and she makes sure to bring that weirdness no matter when you see her. I bet if Lady Gaga really did her own grocery shopping she would pick out a new hairstyle just for the occasion.

3. Amy Winehouse

Between the stories about drug abuse and her taped videos filled with racial and cultural slurs, you would think that Amy Winehouse would want to keep a low profile. However, when you look at that hair, you already know that it’s definitely not going to be a day where Amy is going to keep anything to herself. That hair is so stacked and so tall that I think that you would really have to be legally blind to not see that hair! [Read more…]

7 Sky High Heels That Celebrities Love

High heels and Hollywood have gone hand in hand for a long time. In fact, the craze for high heels has gotten so strong that even regular people think that they need to be in high heels all the time.

It’s a great debate in both fashion as well as feminist circles about the role that high heels really play. Many women, like Victoria Beckham, would never think to go outside without a good pair of high heeled shoes on. It’s a matter of taste for them. They feel more feminine when they actually have these shoes on, while other women might feel just plain ridiculous.

Feminists argue that high heeled shoes are just another way to keep women down.

However, when we looked at this:

We just didn’t think that the woman in the picture looked all that oppressed to us. We’re all for women having choices and the truth is that choices cut both ways.

But let’s take the politics out of it and just be honest: high heels are hot. So in that spirit, we wanted to show you 7 crazy, sexy, and funny high heeled shoes that celebrities are trying to walk around in.

1. Coils and …Pink?

This is an Alexander McQueen creation. He’s a fashion designer that is well loved by people like Lady Gaga and Daphne Guinness.

In fact, Alexander McQueen has such a reputation for designing tall high heels that some models can’t even work for him — they keep falling off stage!

2. All White, Big Coils

This is a shoe that Lady Gaga picked up — if you’re not sure where the shoe is from, it’s actually from her “Bad Romance” video. And if you haven’t seen it, you need to YouTube so hard that we think angels are crying. Gaga ooh la la — want your bad romance!

3. Go Sky High!

Now we’ve seen everything. If Megan Fox or Lady Gaga .want to rock this shoe, they can have at it. But we don’t think even the Sex and the City girls would touch this sky high heel anytime soon.

The celebrity look is catching fire with regular women, and they want to walk like that on the runway…and by runway we mean the sidewalk on their way to somewhere trendy like Starbucks. Or is Starbucks not hip enough anymore?

Seriously, where are all of these women gathering? The shoe is going to be less than $100, which means that it’ll be in the hands of women that usually don’t have access to the cutting edge trends. That’s just the way fashion goes.

This is being billed as one of the tallest high heels in the world, and that means that there’s already controversy. The problem with this statement is that there is already the Alexander McQueen shoes that are 10 inches tall.

Which one is going to be more comfortable to actually wear? We’re not really sure, to be honest.

This new tall heel is called the Sky Heel, and it does have a platform to use. This could give you more balance than your classic stiletto, but don’t hope for that. You’ll need to definitely do some runway walking in your bedroom before you really take this shoe to the streets. [Read more…]

7 of Hollywood’s Wackiest Outfits! A Must See

Around here, we like it crazy and funny. That means that tapping the Hollywood well is not only a given, but it’s one that never fails to deliver the funny. Today, we have to peel back a little slice of the curtain and reveal some of Hollywood’s wackiest outfits. Now, you might think that you’ve seen every last crazy outfit that Hollywood can come out with…then Lady Gaga comes along. However, some of these actors you might recognize.

We found 7 outfits that we really had to pull out and show you, because they’re just too ridiculous for words.

1. Chloe Sevigny

You would think that one of the key actresses in the hit series “Big Love” would have it together, but sadly, Ms. Sevigny doesn’t. She looks like she’s more working girl than sister wife, and that’s just not a good look for her. Garters showing, leather skirt paired with denim? Save it for the bedroom if you must — the rest of us don’t really want to see that.

Now, it’s double sadness time, because Chloe actually looks good. You would think that a hot babe like that would actually have it together, because she has so many options to choose from. If that outfit was picked by a stylist, she really needs to get a new stylist, stat!

2. Rihanna

Rihanna, we’re going to need you to go ahead and dig a hole in the ground and bury that crazy red wig. We love the fact that you’re willing to explore new ground, but this outfit and look is just wrong on you. Seriously. With a smoking bod like that, you have five million options and you choose…this? We are confused. And we don’t like it one bit.

OK, so you like the hair. However, there’s no way that you can tell us that you’re one hundred percent okay with that outfit and the crimes it’s unleashed on humanity. You might want to rethink that statement strongly, friends. We can’t even believe outfits like this are made.

Now, fair is fair — she wore this to a music video. So maybe it’s supposed to be artistic, but it just looks downright weird to us. Maybe Rihanna is sending us a silent cry for help, or just hints at what her next career might be if her singing falls flat — carnival worker.

3. Lady Gaga

We had to throw in a Lady Gaga nod, didn’t we? It doesn’t get more weird and wacky (or crazy and funny) than Lady Gaga. We could have used just about any picture she’s in and illustrated our point perfectly. In fact, it’s gotten so expected to see something weird from Lady Gaga that the only thing left that would shock us is if she actually wore a normal dress somewhere. You know, an LBD? That would actually be kind of hot.

However, this line of weirdness just makes Lady Gaga look like a creature from another world. Maybe she likes it that way — after all, why would you wear a meat dress if you didn’t want to get attention? It definitely keeps people talking about her, which help her album sales go through the roof. So it’s a good thing for her, but we have to wonder whether the weirdness is just an act, or if that’s really the way she feels about herself. I for one would like to see Lady Gaga wear something a little more traditional for a change. I think we have a better chance of pigs taking flight — and not on airplanes, if you catch our drift. [Read more…]