Best Zombie movies

I think we all have zombies on the brain these days. Why? Well, they are an icon of pop culture that has just exploded in recent years. Maybe it is because we, as humans, always have an underlying, impending fear of disease on an apocalyptic scale. Or, maybe it is because we enjoy the thrill of bands of survivors trying to stay alive. Whichever the case, not all zombie movies are created equal, which leads us to this article… what are the best zombie movies hands down? Well, here are some of my picks, and why.

28 Days Later

This movie is an excellent zombie movie with an excellent plot. Unlike some zombie movies, the people on this movie seem believable and lifelike. Also, the plot takes you for a pretty wild ride, unlike some zombie movies that are just all about the gore. This one at least has a pretty developed character base, which makes it seem all that much more believable. This is the story of the RAGE virus, and how it infects thousands of people, turning them into vicious, infected zombies.

28 days later

28 days later

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