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Movies to get Scared about

Do you enjoy getting scared a little bit when you watch movies? Now, not all of us are into hardcore horror, but what about a good thrill performed in good taste? Well, if your taste for horror is on the mild side, and if it is pretty easy to scare you, then these movies just might be for you. However, don’t watch them alone – even these mildly creepy films can get to you on a dark night of solo movie viewing!
1. The Ring
This is a pretty creepy film about… um… creepy film, actually. But as the story goes deeper and you unravel more facts about this “mystery video” that keeps killing innocent people, you begin to figure out that there is perhaps more to the dreaded story than just myth and legend, and there perhaps there is someone… or something… behind the videotape.
2. The Others
Nicole Kidman lights up a very dark, dark screen on this video. The film starts out in a dark mansion… the windows are closed, the doors are locked, and the children are not allowed outside in the light because of their photosensitivity. This sets the scene for a very vividly real motion picture about a ghostly presence in the mansion, but it might not quite be what you think it is!

3. White Noise

This is a creepy movie with a very interesting premise. The movie is based on the theory that you can communicate with the dead electronically via white noise that circulates through out universe. In the movie, a man’s wife dies, leaving him alone and confused. But when he finds out that he can communicate with her through this “supernatural portal” of technological white noise, he becomes hooked, and starts looking incessantly for her presence on the view screen. But what he finds is not quite what he expects ,and it seems that he may be in for more than he bargained for!

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