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Most Talented Actresses

Sometimes, we see actresses rise to the top of stardom because they seem to have it altogether – they have the hot looks, they have the fashion, and they have the business sense. But then we see there careers sort of die out along the way, and we realize that we never really saw them do a fantastic job in the acting category of the trade – a lot of times, we forget that the most talented actresses are the ones that can ACT like no others can, and that is what we will examine here – leading ladies who not only have it in the looks category, but who can follow it up with the ability to make us believe in the characters they portray.
Kate Winslet
This talented actress has repeatedly shown us her ability to diversify, be real, and be believable. She has played so many vivid characters that we often do not think of Kate Winslet as a person, but rather as a collection of characters. When you hear someone say that they like Kate Winslet in Titanic but not in Revolutionary Road, then you have realized something… that one, you are thinking of her CHARACTERS, not of Kate Winslet herself. And two, you have realized that an actress who has managed to do THAT, is one who can most definitely act.
Jennifer Aniston
From Friends to the Break Up to Management, Jennifer Aniston has been capturing our hearts with her amazing talent that can turn on a hair and captivate us with her sadness and with the plight of her character but then, have us roaring out loud with laughter at her incredibly good humor and subtle use of wit. Jennifer Aniston is one of the best, and everyone knows it.
Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman has been known throughout Hollywood as an actress who conforms to her character totally, completely, and uncompromisingly. She has played so many impressive roles that it is hard to separate them all in our minds… and she holds the audience in such control that she must be one of the strongest leading ladies to ever act in Hollywood, ever. And for her age, she is still amazingly beautiful!

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