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Madonna's Brother Speaks Out

Madonna has been dating a lot of younger men since her divorce from Guy Richie and her estranged brother, Christopher Ciccone, has spoken out to say that he thinks it is creepy.
Madonna, is known to currently be dating a French dancer, Brahim Zaibat who is just twenty four years old. His mother is eight years younger than Madonna. Her previous boyfriend was also a twenty four year old dancer named Jesus Luz. Madonna divorced her husband, Guy Richie of over seven years in 2008 after she allegedly had an affair with baseball player Alex Rodriguez. Back in June she was in the news for dating Vanilla Ice, who reported that he dumped her back in 1991, when they were dating because she published pictures of them together in her book, Sex. He admitted that although she was a great lover, he did not like the way that her book implied that she was sleeping with a lot of people and not just him. He also did not realise that the pictures she was taking of him were for the book, he thought they were just for her. The ex-rapper, whose real name is Robert Van Winkle, was at the top of his music career at the age of 24 when he dated the then 33 year old Madonna. He is now working on his home renovation show ‘The Vanilla Ice Project’ as well as appearing in the UK reality show ‘Dancing on Ice’, where he is partnering Katie Stainsby, who appeared in the British National competitions befor eturning a pro at 16. It is her first appearance on the show.
Ciccone was being interviewed by when he stated that he felt if she continued to date these young men it could start to look creepy. He went on to say that he felt she had most of her needs satisfied by her children and that her dates probably just acted as a distraction for her. He later said that she wasn’t following good values but then probably never did and never will.
Ciccone has not had contact with his sister since he had a book published called ‘ Life with my sister Madonna’. The rest of his family still speak to him but she has totally blocked him from her life as well as those of her children.
However, it is unlikely that the public will see her dating young men as a problem, in fact many women would probably feel respect for her. If she can get a young man to date her, then why not. She is not doing anyone any harm, she is no longer married and she is not dating married men. I think many women would give a lot to date a twenty four year old man at her age.
Madonna s notorious for working hard to keep her body in good shape and her skin always looks flawless. She certainly does not look as old as her fifty two years but she is certainly not old enough to consider going in to retirement or stopping dating.

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