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Lindsay Lohan Accuser Causes more Trouble

Dawn Holland, the woman that accused Lindsay Lohan of assaulting her in a rehab clinic has been trying to get her money.
Lohan has had a turbulent time lately. She started off in acting at the age of three but became well recognised in 1998 when she starred in the Parent trap. Her big hit was Freaky Friday, where she starred with Jamie Curtis and then she was asked to take on many other movie roles. It was in 2006 that her publicist admitted she was a member of alcoholics anonymous and just after she went into rehab for the first time. Since then she has been in the press for various alcohol related driving offences and has been in rehab numerous times as well as having several jail sentences. Some of these offences meant that she was turned down for movie roles. Unsurprisingly she has attracted a lot of attention to her personal life but has recently started up her career again appearing in several films and the television series ‘Ugly Betty’.
Holland, stated that Lohan had attacked her while she was in a Betty Ford Centre. She was later sacked because she told the press of the incident which broke their confidentiality rules.
The alleged attack supposedly happened when Lindsey refused a breathalyser and then threw a phone at Holland and injured her arm. There was no proof that the incident happened and Holland later retracted her claim when it came to light that it was in fact Lindsay that called 911, which she would have been unlikely to have done had she been the cause of the problem. Once Lohan was released from the clinic, the case was investigated and it could have led to her being put back in jail.
Lindsay Lohan’s father sent an email to Radar online explaining what was happening with regards to the situation. He explained that Dawn did assault Lindsay while she was asking for a urine test. Since the incident Dawn’s lawyers had met with him and they had agreed a deal where he would give her some money to help her out due to her financial problems of having lost her job. He followed up by saying that she got greedy and asked for more money, so he refused to help her.
Apparently she wanted to have an interview with Lindsay to set the record straight in public and so that they could make amends and draw a line under the whole thing, but he felt this was just another publicity stunt so that she could make even more money out of the incident. Lindsay, said that she did not want this to be a public thing as there was need for it to be, although she would have been happy to have spoken with her. After this Holland fired her lawyer and hired a new one.
Michael Lohan went on to say that he felt she had motives to set Lindsay up to get as much money out of her as possible.
Holland is now talking about going back to the authorities and changing her story again by accusing Lohan and trying to get her put back in jail.

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