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How to Manipulate People and Get What You Want

Manipulation is not perhaps morally right, but in this world we live in now it can be essential in certain situations. What will follow will not be a step by step guide on how to manipulate, as that is near enough out of the question, but what will follow are tips you can use to try and help your cause when trying to manipulate someone. There are three things you need to know when trying to manipulate someone.
You must first of all inject a strong emotion or feeling when attempting to manipulate someone. Whether it be anger, fear, desire, gain or even love, giving across one of these emotions will allow the other persons mind to be occupied on your feelings rather than keeping a clear head.
You also need to know what sets the person off. Whether it be a pet, a family member or a story of their past, it will help you work out their weak points.
You also need to know about social engineering techniques,. A lot of computer hackers use this to get into very restricted systems. For instance if someone dressed in a customs officer comes over to you and try to confiscate some good you have just brought from abroad would you trust them? Or would you look into the credentials and check their authentication.  Like this example you can use this to your advantage in manipulative situations.
So know you should hopefully have all the information you need to get your way in certain situations and know the skills on how to manipulate people. Use this information wisely as if used correctly it could get you some great opportunities and extras in life. Just remember the 3 rules I stated above and use them discreetly and you’ll be on your way.

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