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Crematorium to Heat Swimming Pool

A UK local council has come up with a very controversial idea to save money and reduce carbon emissions. They have decided to use the residual heat from their crematorium to heat their local swimming pool and sports centre.
This radical new plan is one which is not being looked upon favourably by very many people. The idea that the heat produced by burning a dead body could be used to warm up a pool, may even put some people off swimming there. The council have even been called ‘eerie’ by some, to have even come up with such an idea.
Redditch council have come up with the idea as an energy saving plan as well as a way to cut costs. They feel that by using the heat which the crematorium loses when it is cooled down, to heat up the nearby Abbey stadium pool as well as the sports centre, they could not only be more eco-friendly but also save money.
With pressure on local councils to cut spending, as well as everyone wanting to become more friendly to the environment then this £14,500 a year saving plan could help. There is also the reduction in CO2 emissions to consider. It seems like it could be a step too far for many of the local residents though. Paying less council tax may be something which the locals will be willing to forgo if the council drops this new plan.
Many residents say that they are not at all happy with the idea. They feel that if their loved one had been used to heat the pool they certainly would not swim there, not even if they were wearing a black bathing suit.
Whether the council will actually go ahead with the radical, new idea still remains to be seen.

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