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Air Passengers Rained on by Maggots

A US flight was grounded recently after some passengers had maggots falling on them from the overhead lockers.
It seems that there was some spoiled meat in a hand luggage bag which was placed in an overhead locker and the maggots escaped and began to fall down on the passengers below.  The effected passengers quickly reported the situation and many people were desperate to leave the plane as soon as possible. The US Airways plane was just preparing for take off and so was able to return to the gate as quickly as it could. The passengers were all removed from the plane and it was carefully cleaned by airport staff, making sure all of the maggots were removed. The flight which was bound from Atlanta to Charlotte was delayed for over an hour during the cleaning process, while passengers waited in the terminal building.

It has been reported by the airline, that the passenger responsible was moved to a different flight while the rest of the passengers returned to the plane once it was clean and continued with their journeys. However, once the plane had landed in Charlotte it was fumigated before being used again, just in case the cleaning crew had not removed all of the maggots.
One passenger is demanding a refund after the incident because they found it so disturbing. Other reported how horrified they were with the situations and how they were desperate to get off the plane. One passenger was interviewed for NewsChannel 36 in America and compared to something out of a creepy movie and said she was disturbed by the incident. Another said that the maggots seemed to be growing and rolling around and there seemed to be tonnes of them. She could not wait to get off the plane.
No one seems to know why the meat was allowed on the plane in the first place.

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