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Elephant's Tusk Ache Cured

An Indian elephant, who has been suffering from tooth ache, has finally been cured. It was reported that the elephant had been in pain for five years before he was treated by dentists.
The elephant, called Devidasan, is a 27 year old bull and works in the state of Kerala. He was suffering from a large crack through his tusk which appeared to be causing him some paint. His owner was worried about the elephant being in pain but also was not happy with the elephants appearance as the cracked tooth meant that he could not take part in festivals.
A dentist carried out a procedure on the elephant, where he filled the crack with the resin that is used to fill cracks in human teeth. He explained that it was difficult because he could not use an x-ray, in the way that he would on a human patient, as none of the machines were large enough. He also treated the elephant while he was fully conscious, but after explained that he was very co-operative and seemed to respond almost immediately to the treatment and seem to be in less pain. He explained that had they not filled the crack it could easily have picked up dirt and infection.
There were 47 tubes of resin used in the end, to completely fill the massive crack that ran the full length of the tusk. The resin should bond the crack together, but as it has never been done, there is no indication as to how long the treatment might last. He predicted that it should last a few years though as long as the tusk did not grow too quickly.
The treatment was a great success and now the elephant, as well as no longer being in pain, is again appearing in festivals.

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