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20 days trapped in bathroom

A woman has survived being stuck in her bathroom, alone, for twenty days without any food or contact with the outside world.
The woman was 69-years old and from Epinay-sous-Senart in Paris, France and she found her bathroom door had jammed shut after going in there to use it. It seems that the lock on the door jammed and it was impossible for her to then open the door to get out. There was no phone or even a window in the bathroom and so she had no way to communicate with anyone to let them know that she was there. She cleverly banged on the pipes at night to try to make her neighbours aware that there was a problem. But it turned out that this did not work, despite her constant efforts.
The neighbours said that they heard the noises but just assumed that it was someone very inconsiderate doing DIY at night and had even spoken to each other about it and started a petition to try to get it stopped. They were not aware of exactly where they were coming from. The noises were beginning to really annoy them and they regretted not having realised what they were. Had they known that she was stuck in her bathroom they would certainly have called for help a lot earlier.
The lady managed to survive by drinking warm water from the tap and eventually some neighbours realised that they had not seen her for some time and so contacted the authorities, having no idea what had happened to her at the time. Fire fighters then broke in to her house and found her in a very weak state, lying on the floor of the room. She was taken to hospital and is currently still there, recovering from the incident.

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