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Christina Aguilera for X Factor role?

With so much speculation about whether Cheryl Cole will be joining the panel for the next US season of the X Factor, many people are sick of hearing about it. With the British pop star being hardly known in the USA, it does seem that she is an unlikely choice for the role even though Simon Cowell is said to be in favour of her taking it.
Many other names have been mentioned in connection with the role too. These included Katy Perry, who appeared as a guest judge for the early stages of the last UK series and Rihanna. However, both have reported that they would be too busy to be able to take on the position because their work schedules are too pressing.

It seems that the X Factor bosses are very keen on recruiting Christina Aguilera for the role. It is true that she would be the perfect candidate. She certainly has the right look for the role, she is glamorous and obviously has lots of talent. She is also not afraid to speak her mind, which is something that the X Factor viewers really like. Of course she is well known all over the world as well and so with her voice being recognised everywhere as being fantastic, she really is a better candidate for the role than Cheryl Cole ever was. The only concern is that we do not know whether she is interested in the role or even if she has been approached about it.
However, an American Idol judge was not a well known but still became very popular. Kara DioGuardi is one of the biggest songwriters in USA, but was not well know as a public figure. However, with such fantastic experience, was well respected by the viewing public. Cheryl Cole is not known in America and really only has her experience as a winner of a TV talent show as well as a fairly short (but ongoing) pop career. There are UK performers who have won UK talent shows who are far more well known in the USA than her. It is felt that she has not got the necessary experience to be able to coach the X Factor contestants and would not be looked upon well by the viewing public.
It is not surprising that Cowell is protective of his colleague and wants to get the best for her. But the decision will not be his alone and if the rating are likely to suffer as a result then the network are very unlikely to support his point of view. With all the bad press that Cheryl Cole is getting at the moment, as well as the fact that the US public seem to be sick of hearing about her before knowing anything of her, it seems unlikely she will be picked for the job.
With a while until auditions for the US X Factor shows start again, it is likely to be some time until we find out whether the rumours are true and know for sure who will be on the X Factor judging panel for the next show.

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