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Raunchy Calendar launched by Stewardesses

Airline Flight Attendants from the Mexicana airline have decided to launch a calendar in order to make some much needed money.
The Mexican travel industry has suffered over recent years with both the recession and swine flu in Mexico, causing a decreasing in demand for flights because of the lack of tourism in the area. The 89 year old company has really suffered as a result of this and has recently filed for bankruptcy and has been forced to massively reduce the workforce with only 60% keeping their jobs and those still employed likely to be taking pay cuts.
The girls decided that they wanted to do something to help themselves, as their jobs were under threat and so they posed for a calendar. The pictures feature the girls in bikinis and sun glasses and in some pictures they are posing by planes or even draped over them.
They had 1000 copies printed and it sold out before it was even launched and so now a second printing of 3000 copies has gone ahead. The girl who organised it, Coral Perez, said that she had the idea because they all needed the money and knew that there were other pretty girls who were in the same situation that she was and was sure that some would be willing to take part.
She gathered together a group of 10 girls and they all paid some money towards the costs of the calendar, which totalled $8,000 to produce. The calendar is retailing at $12 and it seems the girls should do well out of the idea, which has become an international news story.
The situation has even been compared to that in the film ‘The Full Monty’ where an unemployed group of English Steelworkers organise a striptease act to earn themselves some money.

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