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5 Crazy Pictures That Would Look Amazing On Postcards

Postcards. Yeah, we know what you’re thinking — why would you ever want to send someone a postcard when you can just send an email, a text message, or a phone call? These days, it’s the thought that counts, but when methods of communication get commonplace it can be hard to tell people that you really do care. However, that’s where postcards come in handy because they are so uncommon. When you send a postcard, nobody can actually turn to you and say that you’re not trying to show that you care. That little spark of effort is definitely going to make any recipient of your postcard smile.
Yet if you’re thinking about trying to send a postcard, you need something that’s going to be a bit catchier than just a white card with a message inside. If it’s the thought that counts, then it stands to reason that a picture is truly worth a thousand words.
Now, you know that we bring you the crazy and the funny, but you haven’t had us cover these crazy pictures yet. We just had to give you a few pictures to get you started — below is a list of 5 crazy pictures that are just begging to be on a postcard.
1. In the Canyon

This is a beautiful picture of a very neat optical illusion. It looks like the man has a lightsaber, you know like the ones that they had in Star Wars. Now that’s what we call using the Force!
2. Hold That Rock!

It really looks like the little girls are holding the rock, which is definitely crazy. And funny, but that’s a given! What really sets the picture off perfectly is the look of pride in the father’s face.

3. Big Hand, Little Car

This picture is absolutely cute. The hand in the picture looks huge when you compare it to the car — who said that big things don’t come in small packages?
4. Roar, Lion, Roar!

Even though we know that there’s a person behind the cat, that deep roaring look makes the cat look like it’s half-lion, half-human just stretching its lungs and letting the world know about its presence.
5. Rake The Sky

Our last picture here is simple: a hand raking the sky and little trails being formed in the very blue sky.  The picture doesn’t need too much explanation, does it?
You could use any of those pictures for a great postcard that is definitely going to get attention. Don’t worry about anything else — making your recipient happy is the key to think about here!

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