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5 of the Weirdest Ways to Die

Death. We don’t like thinking about our own deaths, but there‚Äôs something downright crazy about the most unusual ways to die. While most of us don’t have to worry about it, there is always that nagging voice in the back of our heads that says that it can definitely happen to us.
We collected 5 of the weirdest ways to die — which one of these is your favorite?
1. Death by…Laughter?

If you’re thinking about a crazy way to die, try this on for size: laughter. Indeed, they say that laughter is the best medicine, but too much laughter can really do you in. A lot of people don’t realize that you can really die by laughter. In fact, a 50-year old man did just that. His favorite show came on and he laughed for 25 minutes straight — and then died of a heart attack. Ouch.
2. Death in the Wind and a Scarf

Isadora Duncan was one of the most celebrated dancers of her time. She had it all — including a very long scarf. In fact, the scarf she owned was so long that it dragged the ground and got caught in the axle of the car she was riding in. She was strangled to death immediately — it was a very tragic day for dance fans of that era.
3. Death by…Beard?

The longest beard in the world belongs to Hans Langseth, but he passed away in 1927. There’s a schoolteacher named Sarwan Singh that has a pretty long beard — it’s nearly 8 feet long! Wow! However, he’s still very much alive.
Unfortunately, there was a long bearded man that wasn’t so lucky. His name is Hans Steininger, and his beard was only about 5 feet long. However, it led to his untimely death in a strange way.
You see, there was a fire in his town, and he tripped over his beard while he was trying to flee the fire. No one really knows whether he broke his neck, or if he ended up dying in the actual fire. It’s pretty hard to tell. Still, it’s a crazy way to go!
4. Death by Video Game

It’s your mother’s worst nightmare — dying from a video game. However, most of us are smart enough not to get sucked into a video game. There are other things that we need to do, like sleep and eat, right?
Well, in 2005 there was a young man in South Korea that died from a video game. He was 28 years old, and died from playing the Starcraft game for 50 hours in a row, only stopping to take short breaks to nap and use the bathroom. He didn’t think to actually eat anything — that would take away from him reaching the next level, right?
5. Death by … Hollywood?

They say that the pressures of making it in Hollywood can be enough to kill you. Nobody knows this better than Peg Entwistle. She was a young actress from Wales who had some small success on Broadway, but that wasn’t enough for her. She wanted to be a success in Hollywood, so she moved to Los Angeles.
Unfortunately, the fame she wanted never came to her. She played a part but it was edited out of the film. Heartbroken, she climbed to the top of the Hollywood sign — which still read “Hollywoodland” at the time. It was just a sign for a new housing development, instead of the iconic sign that we know today.
She left a suicide note and a few things, and jumped from the top of the letter “H”.
Her body lay there for two days until it was found. She was identified by her uncle who lived close by those legendary hills. The next day following her death on September 16th, 1932, she got an offer for a part in a movie about a woman on the verge of suicide. If that’s not ironic, we don’t know what is!
So, tell us — which one is your favorite? Is there another strange death that we didn’t cover? Either way, let us know in the comments!

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