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Quick! Memorize These 5 Poker Babes!

Even though we might all have different tastes in women, you have to stop and agree on one thing: smart women are hot. When they combine intelligence with traditional beauty, their hot factor goes through the roof. So it would make sense that poker babes are pretty hot, right? Oh yeah.
Now, we know that you’re always looking for ways to improve on your poker game, but that’s not what this post is about. It’s just time to step back and admire the beautiful women that sit back and actually make playing poker a little more enjoyable — just don’t let them take your chips. They’re good at that, you know. You can find these beautiful women on some of the biggest poker rooms such as PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. Make sure that you use Full Tilt Referral Code in case you are signing up on Full Tilt poker to get some great bonuses – you will need it!
1. Jennifer Tilly

With a body like that, Jennifer Tilly could really sell us anything. We mean that wholeheartedly. Jennifer Tilly could sell us anything and we would probably buy it without thinking about it. Buyer’s remorse is for the morning, and we’re living for tonight, baby!
OK, let’s bring it back to poker — not only is Jennifer Tilly hot, but she’s actually pretty good at poker, too. She’s been taught by some of the best players in the game, which means that if anyone has a chance of hitting the final table of the Main Event, it’s definitely Ms. Tilly.
2. Clonie Gowen

Yum. No matter what photo you find of Clonie Gowen, she’s got that confident attitude and air around herself. It’s probably because she knows that she’s attractive and a very good poker player. This is a dangerous blonde we wouldn’t want to see at the table with us — we really might lose!
3. Kara Scott

She’s a bit more serious about poker than other women in the pokersphere, but Kara Scott is still a beautiful woman. She doesn’t dress up the way some of the girls on the circuit do, but that’s probably confidence more than anything else. After all, when you look like Kara, do you really need to do much more than get out of bed in the morning?
Aside from her looks, Ms. Scott carries super skill — she has finished in the money for not just one Main Event, but two. Back to back. Now (italicize “that’s”) that’s hot!
4. Liz Lieu

We don’t discriminate around here, so when we came across this stunning Vietnamese poker player, we had to add her to the list. She calls herself the Poker Diva, but with a body like this we can forgive her for a few things. Even though she’s new on the scene, she is already catching attention as a woman that’s not only hot, but a woman that can actually hold her own at the poker table. Score!
5. Olivia Boeree

Olivia Boeree is stunning — who can ignore those long legs. However, if you happen to have the misfortune of being at a poker table with her, then you know that her legs are the last thing that you really want to worry about — you will need to watch out for her killer poker play!
This English rose is definitely here to stay — and we couldn’t be happier if we tried.
So many women of poker, so little space. We would have loved to make this list a little longer, but we only have so much space — yes, even on the Internets. That means you have the power to add a few babes that we might have missed. Don’t be shy — if we really missed a great lady that can play poker — or is in the process of becoming a great poker player — we definitely want to know about it. You never know if your suggestion will go into a completely different list down the road!
Think you’ve got the girls memorized? We did, so we hope you do too!

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