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Uffington Horse is a Dog

There are several famous white horses on the countryside in England, including the white horse in Uffington. This has recently been highlighted, by a vet, as looking more like a dog than a horse. Olaf Swarbrick, a retired veterinary surgeon, claims that the anatomical features of the Uffington white horse have more in relation to a dog than they do a horse.
Uffington Horse DogThe National Trust have rejected this claim but have admitted that many theories have come about as a result of the famous carving. They have taken many soil samples and have concluded that it dates back to the Bronze age. There was a theory that it may have been formed by way of a celebration of a battle won by King Alfred in Saxon times, however written accounts dated around the time it was thought to be created do not report this or even give evidence of the exact age or why it may have been done.
The Veterinary Record, published a letter from Olaf Swarbrick, where he asked other professionals to give their opinion on his theory. He stated that it could be a hound a full stretch because it was so lean and long and the tail was longer than horses tail. He even suggested, jokingly, that they may have to change the name form horse to wolf hound. However, he did remain open minded on the subject, realising that years of cleaning and refurbishing could have changed the appearance and shape of the structure.
The National Trusts Keith Blaxhall pointed out that it is not supposed to be a complete figure of a horse but just like a stencil so only giving the main features, which therefore may lead to it not looking completely realistic. His theory was that it was supposed to be in the middle of a canter, done in a way which could be viewed from above by the gods and below by the living and their ancestors.

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