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The World's Four Most Expensive Cars

Here are a list of four most expensive cars in the world. How many of you can afford one of those cars?
Bugatti Veyron
With a 16.4 liter engine and 1001 hoursepower this car can take you to a maximum speed of 400 kilometers per hour. This is very impressive, just like the price tag of $1,7 million which makes this car the worlds most expensive 🙂

Ferrari Enzo
This is a 12-cylinder mid-engine sports car which is build using Formula One technology. It has a maximum speed of
300 kilometers per hour and if you have $1 million, this beuty can be yours 🙂

Pagani Zonda C12 F
This car is produced in Italy at roughly 25 cars per year. This car can take you from 0-100km/h in only 3.5 second.
Top speed for this car is 346 kilometers per hour. This car can be yours for only $741,000 🙂

Koenigsegg CCX
This car has a 32-valve, V-8 engine based on the Ford Modular engine design with a top speed of 395 kilometers per hour.
This baby can be yours for $600,910.


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