Dog Bangs Chicken

How sick and twisted is this? This dog has some kinky fantasies….

The coolest flight attendant in the world

This must be the coolest announcement by a flight attendant. What do you think?

Hot and Cold – Cover by Los Colorados

Awesome cover of Katy Perry – Hot ´n´Cold song….

Amazing DIY Waterslide Video Made By London Students

Barclaycard are challenging you to create a version of their waterslide film. All you need to do is create a waterslide, film it and post it to to enter the competition.

The film that gets the most votes on YouTube will win a once in a lifetime trip for two riding some of the world’s top waterslides in Dubai, China, Brazil, Germany and the US. You’ll also get a camera and a laptop to blog about your trip.

The waterslide film features a group of students creating a miniature version of the Barclaycard waterslide TV ad, using household items such as buckets, mops, empty water bottles, baked bean tins and even a set of legs from a shop mannequin! The students then launch ‘Dangerous Dan’ down the slide and across the road to the local off licence to pay for some goods. The film was shot in Shoreditch in London.

Cool Domino Effect

Too much of free time, almost 9000 dominos, your imagination and you will have a ghost on your hands 🙂 So, who u gonna call? GHOST BUSTERS 🙂