How to Make Hair Bows

We often see little girls wearing pretty bows and other accessories in their hair.  Every little girl loves to wear colorful accessories that will accentuate their beauty.  But have you ever wondered how manufacturers make their hair bows?  Well, you might be surprised that it is very easy.  You can even make it at home.  You will just need the right materials and the right techniques to make your personalized hair bows.

Making Hair Bows is an Easy and Fun Hobby

Making hair bows can become a hobby to many women, especially mothers who spend their entire day at home.  They enjoy making hair bows not only to pass time but also to give it to their daughters for accessories.  With just the right amount of knowledge and creativity, making hair bows can become a form of art for mothers staying at home.

Materials and the Steps on How to Make Hair Bows

Making hair bows is very easy.  What are the materials you need in order to make a hair bow?  You will need sharp scissors, fine lightweight floral wire or thread, glue gun, glue stick, 30 inches of 7/8 inch high quality grosgrain ribbon, and single or double pronged alligator clip.  These materials can be found in your local craft store, and they are quite affordable.  You should be very creative in making your hair bows.  After completing all the materials needed for your hair bow, here are the following steps in making a simple hair bow.

•    Cut the ribbon (grosgrain ribbon or satin) into half, use the larger piece to make the loop.
•    Make the next loop by bringing the smaller half of the ribbon around the back.
•    Bring the smaller half in front again to make the hair bow shape.
•    Insert the needle with thread in the center of your hair bow to make a tight wrap.
•    Sew in you alligator clip on the rear side of your hair bow.
•    Use a 5 inches ribbon and fold it in half, making it 0.50 inch wide.
•    Form a simple knot and place it on the top of you bow.
•    Wrap the raw edges and sew them together.
•    Trim all the rough edges as well as the tail and your hair bow is finished!

Hair bows are simple accessories you can make inside your homes without using any expensive machineries and materials.  With creativity and hard work, you can accomplish many kinds of designs of hair bows you can either use for your own or sell it in the market for additional income.  It is really up to you as long as you gain enjoyment and satisfaction.

How to Make Soap

Way back in college, my friends and I would dream on and chatter about what we want to be when we finally graduate and then be able to make decisions of our own and live our lives in the real world.  We would hear each other out.  Gently nodding at every remark said, whispered funny anecdotes of each other, and sighed with amazement or even dismay with each word that we utter.  Then came my turn to share my dreams for the future.

I grinned with excitement and talked about my quest of being a self-made woman, a successful entrepreneur someday.  I went on with my dream house, car, and traveling all over the world.  I wanted to be a worldly woman and someone who is attuned to what humanity needs.  I was a bit of paradoxical.  They laughed when I told them I badly want a bath tub where I could pamper myself all day and even at night time.  I love the waters.  I believe that bathing is a sublime ritual of cleansing both body and spirit.  And no ritual is ever complete without soap and the foamy scent that makes me go insanely crazy yet relaxed at the same time.

A Booming Industry

Soap-making as well as other home-based businesses of creating and customizing your own pieces are very much in demand today.  With less capital and discipline, voila!, you can enjoy life at home with your family while earning by having a business of your own.  This is definitely a booming industry.  Most of those who partake on this are housewives, young professionals, creative teens, retirees, and basically anyone who has passion for soaps and the suds that comes with this endeavour.

Soap Basics

The basics of making soap are really simple.  First, you have to make up your mind on what concept for soaps you want to accomplish.  Educate yourself on what works for you.  Always reveal your personality in your creation.  Check out local or international suppliers for the most reasonably priced items.  Prepare your ingredients and necessary materials.  Melt the soap strips, add your essential fragrance oils, mix thoroughly, add colorants to create character to your soap, and pour the soap mixture into prepared soap moulds.  When the mixture hardens up into soap, do the packaging and labeling, making it ready for selling or distribution.  Magic comes from every bubble.  Soap is very simple to create yet lingers in memories.  Soaps last even when it melts down.  The scent lingers on.


Looking for ugly women

A town mayor in Australia, John Molony, has suggested that ugly woman should move to Mount Isa, a remote mining town in Queensland, where there’s a massive shortage of women.

There is only 819 women aged 20-24 living there out of a total population of 21,421.

In an interview with the Townsville Bulletin, Molony said: “With five blokes to every girl, may I suggest that beauty-disadvantaged women should proceed to Mount Isa.  Quite often you will see walking down the street a lass who is not so attractive with a wide smile on her face. Whether it is recollection of something previous or anticipation for the next evening, there is a degree of happiness.”