7 of the Most Expensive Divorce Settlements

You know, we think that we’re starting to get a little bit predictable. However, we think that it’s only a matter of perspective. There are just a few classic topics that are too much fun not to cover. If you really liked our series on the most expensive wedding ceremonies, then you should have already expected us to go into the most expensive divorce settlements.

Divorce is part of life — there’s no law says that you will stay with your spouse for the rest of your life. For everyday people, divorce is something that is time consuming and expensive — and can really set you back on your financial goals. For most of the people in this article, divorce is something almost expected. When you live in the public eye, there is a lot of pressure to live your life in a certain way, and not everyone is ready for that.

So we found a few of the most expensive divorce settlements. Some of these are classics, but who knows — you might even find a few new gems to savor!

1. Kevin Costner / Cindy Silva (80M)

So, let’s start “small” — and only in a list of celebrity divorces can you call 80 million dollars small, but you get what we mean. Our first divorce on the list is between Kevin Costner and Cindy Silva. Now, you might think that the number is way too small for a man like Kevin Costner, who is famous for movies like The Untouchables and Field of Dreams, but you have to remember that this is something that happened before Costner actually became the big film star.

He met Cindy Silva while he was at college, and the couple fell in love right away, marrying in 1978. By the 90s, the media was in Kevin Costner’s business hardcore, making it hard for him to hold onto his marriage. Perhaps if it had just been a one time affair, Silva might have stayed with him. However, the restaurateur decided that sometimes, a leopard really can’t change their spots.

2. Steven Spielberg / Amy Irving (100M)

Here’s a lesson in pre-nuptial agreements: don’t write them on napkins! It usually makes the judge throw your pre-nuptial agreement right out of court. Steven Spielberg had to learn this the hard way through his first marriage to Amy Irving.

The famous director had to pay $100 million dollars to finalize his divorce for a marriage that lasted just four years into the marriage.

3. Harrison Ford / Melissa Mathison (118M)

Is $118 million a good price to pay for getting rid of a wife that you don’t want anymore? Harrison Ford certainly thinks so. In 1983, he married Melissa Mathison. In 2004, they ended 20 years of marriage.

Clean break? Far from it. What caused them to split is the fact that he was in a relationship with Calista Flockhart, which was all over the tabloids even before he went for the divorce.

It wasn’t like Melissa could look away from the truth either — Harrison Ford adopted Flockhart’s son, a little boy named Liam. This too was done before the divorce.

This level of humiliation can be too much for anyone to bear, and Melissa Mathison cracked under the strain of being married to someone that obviously didn’t want to be with her anymore. She filed for divorce and received 118 million dollars — not bad at all. [Read more…]

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