Best Alien Movies

Enjoy aliens, extraterrestrials, and space-faring visitors? We, as earthlings, as humans, and as movie-watchers, have always enjoyed the idea that there may be something beyond our “local” planet, and it does make a good basis for Hollywood films! Here are some major motion pictures, some of the best, in fact, that have featured stories built around this concept – enjoy!


E.T. is the timeless, Steven Spielberg classic of an extraterrestrial who is taking part on a mission to mars. It seems that he, along with his brethren, have come to earth to gather samples… until something goes terribly wrong. The space-faring stranger is abandoned here on earth by his kind after they make a hasty escape from some nearby humans! Well, E.T. finds his way to the home of a nearby family, who gradually come to realize that there may be more to the alien than meets the eye!



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