Best Dragon movies of all time

Do you love dragons? Well, who doesn’t? Dragons are a part of the culture and history of almost every civilization, and they hold a place in pop culture today that is totally undeniable. It might be hard for some of us to believe that these mega lizards might have, at one time, roamed the earth – but come on, you have to admit that it is a lot easier to dream when watching one in high definition on your big screen!

Reign of Fire.

This movie is the gut-wrenching tale of a dragon who was freed from it’s underground prison by coal-miners in modern times. As a result, the world gets overrun by them as the dragon population spirals out of control. They soon replace mankind as the dominant species, and he is forced to hide and fight on the run. But then, an American dragon-slayer comes to England in search of the key to winning the way – the dragon who started it all, the one and only male dragon left on earth.

Reign of Fire Movie

Reign of Fire Movie

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