Best Christmas movies

If you enjoy watching Christmas movies, then it seems that your favorite time of year is just in time for your to rediscover some classic favorites. Christmas movies are great, and some of them are timeless in the way that you can watch them again and again without getting tired of them. Well, here are some favorites that you can watch this holiday season that will never get old in my book!

Polar Express

This is a wonderful Christmas film that is considered by many to be a children’s movie, but adults can enjoy it just as much! It is the wonderful story of a boy who gets to journey aboard the Polar Express, which is a train that takes him away before Christmas to see a lot of wonders of the winter world that had forever alluded his curious eyes. Tom Hanks plays the voice of the train conductor in this movie as well, making it wonderful for the great job he does playing a character who actually looks just like him in real life! And the best part of this movie is the music… the soundtrack alone to this movie is one that is destined for greatness as a Christmas favorite. [Read more…]