Kristen Stewart

A lot of people will recognize the name of Kristen Stewart from the Twilight movies, but believe it or not, this young, beautiful actress does a lot more with her time than simply chase sexy vampires! Here are some of the most movies that Kristen Stewart has been in. You might recognize some of them, but others you might not have seen. But these movies are all fantastic, so if there is one you haven’t seen, make it a point to watch it pronto!


Yes, girls, we all know that Twilight is synonymous with Rob Pattinson, but there is an elite, attractive female presence too,  and it comes with the name of Kristin Stewart attached to it! This is probably the first movie that Kristen has done on a very widespread scale, and she does a very fine job of it too!

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Ten hottest women of 2009

Of course, everyone has their opinion… which is why this list is compiled by AVERAGE… so don’t get angry if your “dream gal” isn’t here… this is just what MOST people are saying. Having said that, these are, indeed,  the women who have come to be considered the ten hottest girls in 2009. You can look, drool, gape, and let your tongue hang out of your mouth… but DO NOT get burnt (metaphorically, of course.). Because one thing that IS for sure is that these women are hot, no doubt.

Freida Pinto: Remember this charming young lady from “Slumdog Millionaire”?

Freida Pinto

Freida Pinto

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