How to Make Gravy

GravyNothing beats homemade traditional cooking. The mouth-watering flavourful aroma of blended crisp spices that fills up the kitchen air that extends way across the far stretch of your bedroom and the strange funny noise in the pit of your stomach that ultimately puts you into a trance-like state with your senses following the delectable trace of warm scent to the dining table where your famished brood awaits and lets out a boisterous chuckle as you clumsily trip as you reach for your chair.

It is nevertheless amusing how the mere sight or even mention of food makes one hungry or feel starving for that matter. Talk about body clocks, how our senses react to varied stimuli in our environment. And my body clock plus that whiff of enticing smell tells me that it is a few minutes more before dinner is ready, and my fingers frantically fidget a few entries across the keyboard to kill the time away.

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