Price of Failure

Infront Sports & Media is a Swiss company who sponsored China’s national football team in the Olympics.

The company was not happy with footballers performance in the Olympics and is now demanding a 10m yuan ($1.460.000) refund.

“It’s reasonable for us to raise the issue. The Chinese team was eliminated at the beginning of the group competition, which left our advertising and budget plans in a mess,” said a spokesman for the company.

If the team had managed to advance from the group stage, the company would have had two more matches to promote. Instead the China’s national team was eliminated after scoring only one goal in three matches.

The Chinese Football Association (CFA) is remaining silent on the issue and it´s unlikely that they will agree to such a large refund.

Too drunk to whistle

The Belorussian referee Sergey Shmolik was drunk at a premier league tie between FC Naftan and FC Vitebsk in Belarus.

At the beginning of the second half, when he couldn´t run anymore, he tried to fake backache but it was obvious that he was drunk.

FIFA suspended him for a long time and later this week the Football Federation of Belarus will decide his faith in domestic competition.

Football can be funny

This referee makes this guy take penalty kick over and over again 🙂