Hot chicks of rock and roll

So, are you into chicks, AND rock and roll? Well, then there is one thing that is sure to turn your head… and that is chicks who play rock music! Well, there are several who you need to check out, so here is some suggested listening for all of you hardcore-female fans.


Ok, this band is nothing short of amazing! Hayley Williams, the lead singer, is most known for her stellar voice, and for her red hair! This lady has some lungs on her, so check out their cds today! Don’t worry, everything this band has ever made is awesome.

Avril Lavigne.

Who doesn’t love Avril? She is a punk princess who is worthy of her crown. Her first two albums were amazing. The third?… well, if you are really into her early stuff then you probably won’t dig it. But, it is still a tight album that deserves recognition for coming from the punk princess herself!


Lacey from Flyleaf is hands-down awesome! Keep in mind that this is a heavier band though… so if you are not into hardcore music then you might not dig it. Although, there are some very moving quiet moments on their record. Check them out!

More and more girls are making their way into the rock scene, that is for sure. Is this a good thing? Most definitely! Bands with girl lead singers are a healthy, fresh change coming into a genre that has been dominated by male vocalists forever! Nothing against guys, it is just that you don’t very often see girls singing hard-core music, which is why it is so cool to see more and more girls doing it. So check out some of these artists. You won’t be disappointed.