Victoria Beckham is treated to baby Shower by Eva Longoria

It cannot have escaped anyone’s notice that Victoria Beckham is pregnant again. Already blessed with three sons, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz it is no secret that David and Victoria would very much like a girl this time round. Victoria has reportedly said that she feels that the chances of having a girl are slim but she is thrilled at the prospect of having another child.

Rumours have it that Eva Longoria, star of Desperate Housewives together with Kate Bekinsale will be throwing a baby shower for the lucky Victoria before she leaves LA to have her baby. Having moved to America when David Beckham began playing soccer for LA Galaxy in 2007, the couple have managed to befriend many celebrities, despite being rather shunned to start with.

Eva Longoria has confided in Victoria a lot recently, as she went through marriage problems and then later a divorce. It was reported that Victoria even invited Eva to stay at her house for a while. Victoria also designed some of the dresses that Eva wore while she was hosting the MTV awards in November 2010 and so they have formed a very close friendship.

It seems that the celebration will be held at Eva’s mansion in LA and it will also act as a farewell party for Victoria. It seems that many friends will be invited to the party so they will have the opportunity to congratulate and say goodbye to the former Spice Girl at the same time. Victoria is returning to England to have her baby and there are rumours that her husband, David is considering an offer from the English football team, Tottenham Hotspur, to play with them until he has to return to playing with LA Galaxy in March for the Major League Soccer Season. No one is sure whether Galaxy will be happy with this suggestion but David hopes that it will keep him fit and add to his England caps. At the moment there are still many rumours and according to some sources there are talks going on but other football officials have denied any such thing is happening. The move back to the UK is important for Victoria, as she will be working on her new career as a fashion designer in her South west London Studio. She will also need to be in London for fashion week in February. However, she has reportedly said that she does feel like moving back to England seems like a step back and that she finds America works well with her personality. However, it seems that her husbands love of |European football may be a string influence on their decision to return to the UK.

Apparently Eva is really planning on spoiling the guest of honour at the party, by providing her with her favourite cakes. She is even flying over some Laduree  macaroons from France as she knows that they are a favourite of the expectant mother. There will also be cupcakes and other sweet treats to be enjoyed by all of the guests.

Top 15 Hottest Actresses in Popular TV Shows

We all know that, from time to time, beautiful women grace the TV screen in our favorite shows. These 15 actresses of popular TV shows, however, take the cake for being the hottest.  We all know that the presence of a beautiful woman can make a good TV show great, which is maybe one reason why all of these shows were extremely popular. So enjoy this top 15 list as we pay homage to some of Tv’s most exceptional young hotties.

15. Dianna Agron, from “Glee”

Dianna Agron in tv show Glee

If you are a guy and in love with Glee, then I am fairly confident to assume that you love it because of Dianna Agron. She plays the role of teenage hottie Quinn in the very musical show, and she does it very well. Despite the sometimes strange psychological issues her character seems to deal with on the show, you cannot deny that this blond beauty has it going on in more ways than one. In the show, she is the cheerleading captain for the “Cheerios”, and pulls off the role quite well.

14. Jennifer Taylor, from “Two and a half Men”

Jennifer Taylor from Two and a half men

This has become one of the most popular shows on television, and is the story of two brothers who moved in together following the younger brother’s divorce. However, despite the comedic quickness and entertaining value of the show itself, there have been several beautiful actresses to grace it with their presence – most notably that of Jennifer Taylor. Jennifer Taylor plays Charlie’s girlfriend, and has been a huge part of the show since season 6. She plays a woman who has changed Charlie for the better, but she is also quick and witty, which is what gives depth to her already super-hot demeanor.

13. A.J. Cook, from “Criminal Minds”

A.J. Cook from tv show - Criminal Minds

Despite the somewhat dark nature of this Tv show, A.J. Cook comes onto the scene as a splash of color, bringing life to the show that so many have called their favorite. A.J. Cook plays a special agent who’s job, basically, is to keep her team going and to be the in-between for the press. However, she is apparently also tasked with bringing male viewers to the shows statistics – a task that she has performed very well! She is intelligent, beautiful, and real – which is perhaps why she is such a TV hottie. [Read more…]