How to Make Espresso

People all over the world have learned that high quality coffee is a drink to delight the taste buds. At home, at work, or while shopping, people love getting their coffee fix. Espresso is one of the best kinds of coffees. The espresso beans are readily available and have a delicious taste. If you have an espresso machine, it is easy to make, and doesn’t cost anywhere near what gourmet coffee shops charge. With an espresso machine and a little skill, you can have the wonderful flavor and aroma of espresso any time, and once you learn the steps, it’s easy to make!

Espresso is an extraction of coffee using a high pressure espresso machine. The following instructions are general, so they may need to be modified slightly for the type of espresso machine you have. But the fundamentals of making espresso are the same.

Here are the steps to making a great cup of espresso. [Read more…]

Bat In Coffee Maker

An eastern Iowa woman reported seeing a bat in her house but wasn’t overly worried about it. Instead she turned on her automatic coffee maker before she went to bed and had her coffee the next morning.

When she was about to clean the coffee filter she discovered the bat in it. The women underwent treatment for rabies and the bat was sent to a lab for testing but its brain was too cooked by the heat of the brewing water to determine if it had rabies.

Would you like a cop of coffee now? 🙂


Pay for your coffee with a prayer

The coffee shop in Croatia called “Jedro” are taking payments for soda and coffee with a prayer. The most expensive drink is Coca-Cola. For five “Hail Marys” this refreshing drink can be yours. If you are looking for a cappuccino instead, be prepared to  say three little prayers of  “Our Fathers”. Take your friends here for a coffee and you will be talking to God for a long time.