Job description – Living with wild wolves

Is your job boring? How would you like to live on the edge for few days and get paid for it?

Qinling Wildlife Park in China is looking for 3 people who will live three full days among the wild wolves in the treehouse 3m (10ft) above the ground. Each one of them will have to write 300-word articles, take eight pictures, film two video clips per day and answer questions from the public online.

Salary for this 3-day job is $740 and there are already more than 600 people who have applied for this job.

Who said that there are no exiting jobs out there? 🙂


The heart grows outside his body

A 4 year old Chinese boy, Zhang Weiyuan, has not had an easy life.

He has an odd and rare medical condition were his heart is growing on the outside of his stomach. His tiny heart is only covered with one layer of skin under which it can easily be seen beating.

Doctors are not sure if they can perform surgery to put his heart back in place but they will try and do their best.

His parents are both garbage collectors and they feel quilty for not taking their son to see a doctor earlier, because they couldn’t afford the fees.

“He never cries even though he suffers all the time, which makes us feel even more guilty.”

Lets hope that this brave young boy will catch a break and have a normal life.


Price of Failure

Infront Sports & Media is a Swiss company who sponsored China’s national football team in the Olympics.

The company was not happy with footballers performance in the Olympics and is now demanding a 10m yuan ($1.460.000) refund.

“It’s reasonable for us to raise the issue. The Chinese team was eliminated at the beginning of the group competition, which left our advertising and budget plans in a mess,” said a spokesman for the company.

If the team had managed to advance from the group stage, the company would have had two more matches to promote. Instead the China’s national team was eliminated after scoring only one goal in three matches.

The Chinese Football Association (CFA) is remaining silent on the issue and it´s unlikely that they will agree to such a large refund.

10,000 mosquito corpses for sale

“Truly killed by human hands. Can be used for science studies, decoration, and collection.”

That is the ad for a Chinese man who set up an online business selling dead mosquitoes. He have received over 10000 orders in just two days.

He told Qianlong News that his goal is to make his face and name public which will attract visitors to his online jewellery shop.

His site registered 250,000 hits within two days and few companies were offering to pay for adding advertisement links to his online shop.

The cost of his mosquito corpses is around $0.88.