Top 5 Celebrity men to be Stuck in a Lift with

Choosing who to be stuck in a lift with can be quite tricky. Obviously you want a mix of skills and looks. You want someone who is capable of getting you out, should a rescue not be on the cards. But you also want someone good looking who will be able to keep an interesting conversation going if you are waiting for hours to be rescued. It may also get pretty hot in there and you may need to take off some layers so you want something good to look at!

Tom Cruise

Now Tom Cruise has all the skill form the Mission Impossible movies, if anyone could get you out of a lift he could. He also has great strength in those arms and so he could lift you out. He is of course, good to look at but the only draw back might be the conversation. Scientology is not my cup of tea but maybe you could steer the conversation to things more interesting. If things got a bit hot, it would certainly be fun watching him take his shirt off.

Bruce Willis

From all of the action movies he has done, it is obvious that this man would be strong and able to rescue you, although whether he could work out the electronics in the lift, if he needed to would be questionable. He is certainly high in the looks stakes and conversation could be interesting. If he needed to strip off in the heat then not many people would complain.

Colin Firth

Now Colin Firth is not so much the strong type that could rescue you, although sweeping a woman off her feet is something he is sure to be good at. It would certainly be fun having to look at him for hours and the conversation would be interesting too from such an intellect. With his action and looks you probably wouldn’t care about him rescuing you as you would want to be stuck in there as long as possible. If he got hot then you might get a see through shirt look from him like he produced in Pride and Prejudice, now that is something worth mulling over! [Read more…]

Best computer movies ever

Computers have really become a pinnacle of the entertainment industry. The idea behind computers and there apparent lack of limits is the source for many stories, most of them spelling the doom of humankind at the alter of crazy computers gone mad. Well, if these types of tech-horror movies scare you, then you are going to enjoy these tales of computer-villain mayhem.

Live free or Die Hard

This is the last installment of the famous Die Hard movies starring Bruce Willis. Yes, Bruce returns in this movie, though the brain power may be beyond his limits. He enlists the help of a young hacker to help him stop a mastermind√≠s plot to basically take over the world using a computer hacking program called a firestorm. But don’t worry, Bruce does get to see some old fashioned action in this one!

Live free or Die Hard

Live free or Die Hard

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